Letterhead settings

Previously called: Creating or uploading your letterheads

Purpose: The letterhead you create can be used for your company and will be sent out to your clients in outbound communications. Branding helps make it look clean, professional, and easier to understand for your customers.

Please note 

  • When using 0cm for Left and Right print margins your Full header/footer image must be 2000 x 350px to avoid the image appearing distorted.
  • When using 1cm for Left and Right print margins your full header/footer image must be 1800 x 350px to avoid the image appearing distorted.
  • Images must be .jpg/jpeg or .png file format to upload.
  • Recommended size for the header/footer image file is 100kb and no more than 150kb
  • The maximum dimensions for uploading a logo are a width of 340px (90mm) and height will be adjusted automatically.

Letterhead settings

  1. Profile icon > Settings > Branding > Letterhead settings.

  2. You will see the templated letterhead in your system, along with the modules to help build out the body of the letterhead. 

Create letterheads

  • Letterhead

In ‘Letterhead’, choose the options available. You can add an already created full letterhead image, or create a letterhead with a logo, or letterhead with text only. To upload a full image, choose ‘I have a full letterhead image’. From there, you can click upload and then select the image you’d like to proceed with.

Letterhead 1.1.png

  • Footer

Here, you can add text and images or a full footer image. You may add 3 images to your footer in the creation module.

Letterhead 1.2.png

  • Printer margins

You may choose the top, bottom, left, right, and address margin. You can set different measurement parameters here as well.

Letterhead 1.3.png

  • Body padding

It refers to the space or margin added around the content within the body of the letterhead. It allows for better visual presentation and spacing, ensuring that the text and other elements do not appear too close to the edges of the letterhead.

Letterhead 1.5.png

  • Other options

Finally, there are two options for branded paper. If using branded paper, there will be an empty space inserted at the top and bottom of the page based on the options selected. There is further helpful information within the setting module itself.