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Add additional works

Additional works can be added to a job. This allows you to create a 'mini estimate'. You can select whether the additional work links directly to the existing job (e.g. you have found that more work needs to be done, but you do not have time to do it during this visit), or whether you would like to create a separate job.

These are used when an engineer arrives on site, completes the job they were due to complete, but the customer/work address asks for additional work to be carried out. The customer can accept straight away or you can book a diary event for a later date.

  1. Use the search bar and search for the customer/work address you want to add additional works. Click on the name of the customer/work address to open their account. In the section labelled 'Ongoing work' click 'View' on the job you wish to view.

  2. You can now see all of the details related to that job, including its overview, diary events etc.


  3. Click 'Additional works' at the top of the page then click 'Add new additional work' on the right-hand side.


  4. You will see a page where you can add details to the additional works. There are two large buttons at the top of the page. Here you can select whether the additional work links directly to the existing job, or whether you would like to create a separate job.

  5. Navigate using the tabs on the left-hand side and fill in the forms as required.

This is where you can type the description of the additional work. i.e Install new tap. There is a larger section for a more detailed description.

  • Link to job: This will not create another job.
  • Create as new job: This will allow you to add a new job (linked to this one) and you can add diary events to this.

Please make sure you click 'Save' once you have entered these details to apply the changes.


This page allows you to set how you would like the price to be displayed. You can choose between no breakdown, breakdown by category, full breakdown, or full breakdown by category.


'Invoice schedule':
This page allows you to set when you would like to receive payment of your invoices. You can choose to take payment upfront, on completion, or your choice of how many months after completion, or you can split the payment.

If you are splitting payment between these, you can enter the price for each section, or you can enter a percentage (number followed by % sign e.g 25%) and the system will automatically calculate this and fill in the box accordingly.


'Send to customer':
This page shows you the additional works as it will be sent/printed. It will show you a preview of the document. From here you can email, print, or print and post it. You can also attach terms and conditions.


'Accept / Reject':
This page allows you to select whether the customer has accepted/rejected the additional works. This will turn the additional works into a job.