Complete a job on an Android phone

You can complete questions as you leave site. These are setup within system settings on the desktop application. Click here to see how to add job leave questions

If these questions are set as required you will not be able to leave site without answering them

Watch a quick video showing you how to complete a job

Or read how to complete a job

  1. Click the menu icon (3 horizontal lines) in the top left corner

  2. This will open the menu. Click View diary. Find the job you would like to complete. Click  Accept when you have read the details of the job and you agree to carry out these works

    Navigate through the tabs to complete certificates if necessary.

  3. Click Travel when you are on your way to the property

  4. Click Arrive when you have arrived at the property

  5. Click Fill in job report at any time when you are at the property. You can add information, do something else within the app, and go back to this page and the data will save

  6. You will see a page with leave questions (if you have them). These are set-up on the desktop. Click here to see how to do this.

    When you have finished the job report click the Tick in the top left corner to go back to the main page.

  7. Here you can click Leave if you have completed everything.

    When you have clicked leave you will see a page with 2 options. Click Yes if the job is complete. Click no if the job needs more work. Click Continue

  8. Once you have clicked Yes you will see a page where you will sign to confirm the job is complete. You may also need to ask the customer to sign. Sign in the space provided and click Next in the top right corner. 

  9. Once all the signatures are completed the job will be marked as complete and the event will be marked as left. 

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