When should I accept/travel/arrive etc?

Accept - Should be clicked if you want to start this job

Reject - Should be clicked if you feel you may not be able to attend this event. i.e due to another event over-running for example

When you have clicked Accept it will allow you to travel to this event. You can click the arrow in the customer details to open Google maps to navigate to this event. 

Travel -  Should be clicked when you have started to travel to this event

Reject Should be clicked if you feel you may not be able to attend this event due to bad traffic for example

You will now have the option to Arrive, No access, or Abort 

Arrive - Should be clicked as you enter the property and greet the customer

No access - Should be clicked if the customer is not home and you can't enter the property

Abort - Should be clicked if the estimate/job needs to be cancelled. i.e if the customer has decided they want to rearrange

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