Deactivating a customer

Purpose: If a customer no longer requires your services, or you decide not to continue working with them, you’ll need to keep the property history for your records. By marking a customer as 'Do not work with again,' you will no longer be able to use the 'Add new job/estimate/opportunity' buttons. Additionally, changing the status to ‘Dormant’ will disable automatic communications, like active service reminders.

You can utilise this option instead of merging customers. For instance, when a customer changes their address and you want to preserve the original customer record.

Please note: 

  • 'Do not work with again' will disable 'Add new job/estimate/opportunity' buttons
  • Marking a customer as 'Dormant' will automatically mark all work addresses as 'Dormant'
  • Service reminders on dormant properties will not send automatically and are removed from the ‘View all service reminders’ list.
  • Invoices can be raised on existing open jobs for deactivated customers
  • The important note is pinned to the property dashboard
  • Click on a pinned note on property dashboard to go directly to note in Communications timeline

Deactivate a customer

  1. Navigate to property dashboard > Communications > Add record > Add new note
  2. Complete note details, including why the customer will no longer be worked with
  3. Toggle ‘Important’ box > Toggle ‘Do not work with again’ box > Save
  4. Edit property > Status > Dormant > Save

Reactivate a customer

  1. Navigate to property dashboard > Click pinned ‘Important’ note on dashboard
    • Edit > Toggle ‘Do not work with again’ box > Toggle ‘Important’ box > Save
    • Delete > Type delete > Delete
  2. Edit property > Status > Active > Save

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