How do I setup service reminder letters?

Go to system settings, then click on Service reminders

Here you will see a page with options to create several service reminders. Click Setup letters next to the service reminder you would like to write letters/emails/sms for.

Single property messages

You will see a page with Single property messages. These are used for private customers, or customers who have single addresses, and one property. These reminders will be sent automatically. You can decide when these reminders are sent by clicking in the drop down and selecting the amount of weeks.

The amount of weeks corresponds to the amount of weeks before the service due date you send the reminder.

For example, if the due date is 28th January 2016, and you set the reminder to send 2 weeks before, the reminder will be sent on the 14th January 2016.

Now you can type in your message to the customer. You can use tags to personalise the message by clicking Use tagging


Multiple property messages

The multiple property messages are similar to single property messages, however if you have an estate agent with lots of properties it is easier to send a message on a certain date for the services due within the next month.

For example, if you choose the 15th, in June the messages will be sent on the 15th June for July's reminders.

Please note, we do not send multiple property messages via sms. You may see the option for sms in the dropdown. However you will not be able to select this when adding/editing the service reminder against a work address.



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