Send Technician job sheet via email

Purpose: Being able to send or print your Technician job sheets is useful if the Technician doesn't use the mobile application. You can view, send, or print a single job sheet, or multiple job sheets for the day, week, two weeks, or month depending on which part of the schedule you are viewing. 


View diary events

  • In ‘Schedule’ tab, you can view the jobs created for Technicians by navigating to ‘Daily’, ‘Weekly’, ‘Biweekly’ and ‘Monthly’. 

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  • Select any scheduled event, and it will open a screen displaying comprehensive details, including job events, reminders, confirmations, job sheets, and more.

Send Technician job sheet via email

  • In the 'Engineer Job Sheet' section, click 'Send' to email the job sheet to the assigned engineer.

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Below details need to be filled for sending an email:

  • Send method: Choose between 'Email,' 'SMS,' or 'Print.' For this instance, select 'Email.'
  • When to send: From the dropdown, choose the time the email should be sent.
  • Recipient: Select the engineer's name for whom this job is assigned from the dropdown.
  • Subject: The default email subject will be displayed, as provided in the 'Engineer Job Sheet Email Template.'
  • Message: The default email body content will be displayed, as specified in the 'Engineer Job Sheet Email Template.'

Please note:

  • You can edit the email subject and message in the ‘Send engineer job sheet’ if required.

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