Delete a supplier invoice

You can delete an invoice if someone has made a mistake. You should not delete an invoice, unless completely necessary

Please note

  • if this invoice has already been sent to your accounting package you will not be able to delete it

  • if this invoice has a payment attached you will not be able to delete it

  • if you are manually entering your invoices into an accounting package you will need to delete the invoice record within the accounting package

  • please be aware that if you have deleted the most recent invoice created the next invoice will have the same invoice number. e.g invoice 1009 was just created, then deleted, the next invoice will be invoice 1009. This may cause problems with your accounting package (if you are manually entering them)

Watch a quick video showing you how to delete an invoice

Or read how to delete an invoice

  1. You will see a navigation bar at the top of your screen. Click Suppliers to open the supplier tab. Click View all suppliers in the top right corner

  2. Click View on the supplier with the invoice you would like to delete. Click View next to the invoice

  3. Click Quick links in the top right corner. Then click Delete

  4. Please read the information at the top of this article carefully. If you still want to delete this invoice type 'delete' into the box and click Delete

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