Customer SMS templates

Purpose: Being able to set communications that are precise and constant is important in maintaining relationships and keeping consistent contact with your customers. This setting allows you to set multiple templates that your company can use in regards to jobs, reaching out to customers, etc.

SMS templates allow you to create specific messages you can send to customers. 

Please note:

  • All SMS sent from the system will use your SMS credits.
  • 1 SMS credit is 160 characters for SMS messages.
  • Tags will be replaced with other text so the actual SMS may have more or fewer characters than shown in the template.
  1. Go to Profile Icon > Settings > Customers > Customer SMS templates > View

  2. Add your template on the left of the page by giving the SMS template a title - this is internal, then add your description, which is the message which will be sent to the customer. You may use the tagging system here as well to help in template creation.

  3. You may use this external website to count the number of characters you've used.


Editing Templates

  1. To edit, click on edit. From here you will be able to alter the entry and re-save.

Deleting Templates

  1. To delete entries, click on delete. To delete in Commusoft you must type delete and tap confirm in the pop-up module. If you are unable to delete an entry, you will be given a reason why.