Adding an additional option to an estimate

You can add an additional option to an estimate. An additional option is a second estimate for the same works, for the same customer. Additional works can involve different appliances (different costs and prices) or a different time scale for example.

You can create a clone of the original estimate to quickly create another similar one, or you can create a new blank estimate which you can complete.

How to add an additional option:

  1. Search for the estimate and click 'View' next to the estimate you would like to add an additional option to.


  2. You will then see a page with all of the details of your estimate.2017-06-28_11-07-34.jpg

  3. Click 'Quick links' in the top right corner.


  4. Click 'Add addition option' this will open a pop up where you decide whether you would like to clone this estimate (useful if you are changing a few items) or create a new blank option (useful if you are creating an option with many differences to the original).


  5. The estimate now has 2 (or more) options. Click 'Edit' next to the option you would like to change/fill in.2017-06-28_11-40-51.jpg

  6. You can now edit the body, budget/cost, price, and invoice schedule for this estimate option and send it to the customer.