Add an additional option to an estimate

You can add an additional option to an estimate. An additional option is a second estimate for the same works, for the same customer. An additional works can involve different appliances (different costs and and prices) or a different time scale for example.

You can create a clone of the original estimate to quickly create another similar one, or you can create a new blank estimate which you can complete

Watch a quick video showing you how to add an additional option

Or read how to add an additional option

  1. Search for the estimate and click View next to the estimate you would like to add an additional option to


  2. You will then see a page with all of the details of your estimate


  3. Click Quick links in the top right corner


  4. Click Add addition option this will open a pop up where you decide whether you would like to clone this estimate (useful if you are changing a few items) or create a new blank option (useful if you are creating an option with many differences to the original)


  5. The estimate now has 2 (or more) options. Click Edit next to the option you would like to change/fill in


  6. You can now edit the body, budget/cost, price, and invoice schedule for this estimate option and send it to the customer



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