Terminate a job

Purpose: The purpose of terminating a job in a business or service is typically to cancel or stop the execution of the job before it is completed. If need be, after it's been created you can terminate a job. This is used in instances when there has been an admin error, or customer has cancelled, etc. 

Please note:

  • Once a job has been terminated, you cannot undo this action.

Terminate job

Search for the customer/work address . Click on the name of the customer/work address to open their account. In the section labelled 'On going work', click 'View' next to the job you would like to terminate. Navigate to the job overview page > Quick links > Terminate job.


Terminate job.png


You can use the dropdown to select the terminate reason (which are set in system settings) and you can add a note to explain this reason. Click 'Save'.

Terminate job 1.2.png


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