Abort a job

You can abort a job. This is used for when there has been an admin error, or customer has cancelled etc. 

You can set the abort job reasons in system settings, click here to learn how to do this

Please note: Once a job has been aborted you cannot undo this action

Watch a quick video showing you how to abort a job

Or read how to abort a job

  1. Click in the search bar and search for the customer/work address with the job you want to abort and press Enter on your keyboard. You will then see a list of customers/work addresses that are related to your search. Click on the name of the customer/work address to open their account

    (Or search for the job number, select it from the list and skip to step 3)


  2. Within the ongoing work section click View next to the job you want to abort


  3.  Click Quick links in the top right corner then click Abort job


  4. You can use the drop down to select the abort job reason (which are set in system settings) and you can add a note to explain this reason. Click Save

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