Vendors (Overview)

Vendors are companies or individuals that you purchase parts from. You can add as many as you need but only the ones you choose to ‘Pin’, will be displayed on the ‘vendors’ page under ‘Pinned vendors’. You can see a list of all of the vendors with the ‘View all vendors’ button in the ‘Vendors overview’ section.

Your ‘Vendor overview’ will show you the total amount of payments due (or overdue as the case may be).


  • Adding a vendor is as easy as clicking the 'New vendors' button in the top-left hand corner of the supplier's page.
  • You will then be able to add all necessary information concerning this vendor, as well as designating an automated invoice email template if applicable (Please note -- this feature is available on our Customer Journey plan and above.):


Once completed, ensure you click 'Add vendor' in the bottom right in order to save the vendor to the system.

Pinned & favourite vendors

Having a pinned vendor is useful when you have large numbers of vendors as it can save you searching through for vendors that you use on a regular basis. The pinned vendors are displayed in such a way to make it clear how much is owed in each case. You can pin as many as you need to.


The vendors you choose to mark as ‘Favourites’ will be defaulted options when you are setting up parts lists for your estimates.

Vendor profile page

  • You can easily add a new vendor from the Vendor tab with the 'New supplier' button.
  • You simply need to fill in the required information (fields marked with a red asterisk) and click 'save' in order to set them up.
  • Once created, you will have a number of tabs on the vendors' profile pages:


  • Vendor details:

As well as general details such as contact details and VAT registration, this page will also show you lists of purchase orders, invoices, credit notes, and returns. All of which, you can add to from here if need be.

  • Notes & communications:

From here, you can add any internal notes that may be important regarding this vendor. As well as this, you can send external communications to the vendor via email or SMS. You can even create records for phone calls.

  • Contacts:

This page lists all of the contacts that are associated with this vendor. You can add or remove them as and when you need to, as well as editing their personal details.

  • Branches:

This lists all of the branches associated with the vendor. Here too, you can add, edit or remove any branches once they’ve been added.

  • Attached files:

Where the attached files are stored and displayed, you can delete, view, or download them. They can be added using the ‘Add new file’ button and these will be displayed with the date they were added as well as the file name, size and format (PDF etc.) 

Quick Links


  • ‘Pin vendors to home screen' (they can also be unpinned)

As mentioned above, this is an easy way to have your most often used vendors shown on the vendor screen without you having to search them out individually.

  • ‘Set as favorite’

This option will default your contractors to be the first option when you’re creating a parts list for an estimate.

  • ‘Cash allocation’

This is a way of collecting a single payment for the accumulated costs of multiple invoices rather than individual payments for each one.

  • ‘Delete’ 

If you no longer need or work with a vendor, you can remove them from the Commusoft platform with this option.