Prerequisites for Gmail SMTP setup

Gmail have extra settings which need to be changed in order for SMTP to work correctly. Follow the steps below to change these settings

You must follow all of these steps in order for SMTP to work correctly

Personal Gmail account

  1. Turn off 2-Step Verification

  2. Allow less secure apps:ON

  3. Unlock Captcha


Business Gmail account

  1. Turn off 2-Step Verification
    If the option is not visible it is already set to off and no further action is required for this step.
    If 2-step verification is on and a requirement, you must contact your Google account administrator

  2. Allow less secure apps: ON
    If this setting is hidden your Google account administrator has locked less secure app account access

  3. Unlock Captcha




Helpful links

You may need to talk to your Google administrator in order to change these settings. To find out who your Google administrator is, click the link below

To find out how to sign in to your admin console click the link below

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