Add an invoice address to a customer/work address

By default an invoice is sent to the customer address. You can add invoice addresses. These are extra addresses that invoices can be sent to. For example, you may need to invoice an insurance company instead of the customer/work address.

When you add an invoice address you are asked to search for this address first. This will make sure that you do not add the same address twice. For example one insurance company can be used by 2 customers. You will only need to enter this address once and you can use this for both customers.

You can also quickly add the landlord and work address as invoice addresses. This is useful for estate agents

When you create an invoice for this customer/work address you will be able to choose from a list of invoice addresses saved.

Watch a quick video showing you how to add an invoice address

Or read how to add an invoice address

  1. Search for the customer/work address you would like to add an invoice address to

  2. Click on the customer/work address name to open their account. Click Quick links in the top right corner

  3. You will see a small section with more options. Click Invoice addresses

  4. You will now see a page with options. If you have a landlord set up for this customer you will see this on the left, and a work address on the right. Click Edit then select Enable from the list to set this address as an invoice address. Alternatively, you can add an address (i.e insurance company) by clicking Add new invoice address

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