Delete a customer / work address

You can delete a customer. You should only delete a customer if they were created by mistake. You cannot delete a customer of there are invoices against the account.

Alternatively, you can mark this customer as do not work with again. This will mean that this customer can no longer have works completed, or diary events booked. Click here to learn how to do this

Please note that after a customer has been deleted it cannot be recovered.


Watch a quick video showing you how to delete a customer

Or read how to delete a customer

  1. Search for the customer you would like to delete

  2. Click on the customer name to open their account. Click Quick links in the top right corner

  3. You will see a small section with more options. Click Delete

  4. Please read the text carefully, then type 'delete' into the box and click Delete if you are happy to permanently delete this customer.

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