Add an attached file to an estimate

You can attach a file to an estimate. This is useful if you want to upload images/files related to this estimate.

Watch a quick video showing you how to add an attached file to an estimate

Or read how to add an attached file to an estimate

  1. Click in the search bar and search for the customer/work address you want to add a file to and press Enter on your keyboard 

  2. You will then see a list of customers/work addresses that are related to your search


  3. Click on the name of the customer/work address to open their account


  4. Click View next to the estimate you would like to view. You can now see all of the details related to that estimate, including its survey, introduction, body etc


  5. Click Files/Attached files at the top of the page. You will see a page with attached files, click Add new file on the right hand side


  6. Click Click to upload a file at the bottom of the page. Select the file you want to upload. After the upload is completed you will see a list of the attached files for this estimate. The files are saved automatically

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