How to use the nearby event feature in the diary

The diary is where all engineer estimates, jobs, and to-dos are organised and viewed. Anyone who views the diary will be able to see where an engineer is, when he/she should complete a task, and what tasks they have to do at which time.

You can reduce travel time and costs by using the nearby event feature. This feature allows you to search for an event in a specific location so you can book a new event near that location.

Watch a quick video showing you how to use the nearby event feature

Or read how to use the nearby event feature

  1. Click Diary on the navigation bar 

  2. Click Nearby events on the right side of the diary


  3. This will open a search bar where you can type a postcode or address line 1. Click Enter


  4. You will see a list of events in the future that come under that postcode. Click each event to view it in the diary. When you have found the event you would like to use, just add a diary event as usual by clicking and dragging in a time slot nearby


  5. Fill in the details as required and click Save

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