Process work address service reminders

You can book several service jobs for work addresses at the same time. This is useful because you can process the service reminders quickly

Watch a quick video showing you how to process service reminders for work addresses

Or read how to process service reminders for work addresses

  1. Search for the customer who owns the work address

  2. Open their account and click Quick links. Then click Work address reminders due

  3. You will then see a page with a list of service reminders for the customers work addresses. Click the box next to the service reminder/s and click Customer decision batch process (please note if you are processing more than one service reminder they need to have the same access and communication method)

  4. You can now select whether these service reminders have been authorised, what access method you are using, and what communication method you are using. Click Process at the bottom of the page

  5. The service job has now been booked for the work address and you can add a diary event if required

Click here if your service reminders aren't sending properly

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