Cash allocation for suppliers

Cash allocation allows you to pay of multiple invoices at once from a suppliers profile. If you have suppliers pinned you can do this from their pinned profile on the supplier tab. If the supplier is not pinned, you can find them under the supplier tab by clicking the 'View all suppliers' option in the top right.

  1. For a pinned supplier, click 'Make payment' from their profile displayed under the supplier tab:


  2. Fill in the following form as required (required fields are marked with an asterisk). You can select a single invoice or multiple invoices from the list to pay off. 

  3. The invoices will automatically populate the table if they are past their assigned credit days. If they are not due yet, you can find them by double-clicking the 'Please select' dropdown to search.

  4. Ensure to check the payment method section and change if necessary. Click 'Add cash allocation' to save it the payment.


  5. If adding a payment for a non pinned supplier, locate them within the list and open 'Quick links'. From the financial section, click 'Cash allocation'.  After this, the same table will be available for you to fill in and save.