Adding an estimate

Purpose: Similar to adding a job, you can add an estimate by searching for the customer/work address and adding a job within their account or by using the diary to book an event through the diary itself. If you're creating the estimate through the property page, you can then choose whether you would like to add it to the calendar as an event.

Add new estimate

  • Use the search bar to locate the customer you would like to add the estimate for. Open the property you'd like to add the estimate to.
  • Then, just click 'Add new estimate' on the right side of the 'On going work' section.


  • Fill in the form with the information about the estimate. You can check the option to 'Schedule appointment after adding estimate' to add an estimate into a schedule.

Add estimate US 1.1.png

  • Click 'Add estimate' at the bottom of the page.
  • If you ticked to 'Schedule appointment after adding estimate', you will now see the schedule page.
  • Navigate through the dates and times to book your schedule. If not, you will be taken to the estimate page where you can fill in the relevant details.
  • Once you have chosen the date, time, and technician for the estimate, a sidebar will open where you can further edit the information if need be.

Add estimate US 1.2.png

  • You can also set up notifications for customers or technician here and click 'Save'. The job and associated the schedule appointment will now have been booked for the customer and will be in the schedule ready to be actioned.

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