Why aren't my service reminders sending properly?

You can add a service reminder to a customer. You can set this up to send automatic/manual reminders to your customer that a service is due. You can send these reminders via phone call, email, or letter. It is important that you set these up within customer details before you try to send a service reminder.

Please note, we do not send multiple property messages via sms. You may see the option for sms in the dropdown. However you will not be able to select this when adding/editing the service reminder against a work address.

Watch a quick video showing you how to send a service reminder

Or read how to send a service reminder

  1. Search for the customer you would like to add a service reminder to/with the service reminder you want to send

  2. Click on the customer name to open their account. Navigate using the tabs across the top. Click Reminders

  3. You will see a page with reminders. Click Add new service reminder on the top right of the service reminder section, or Edit next to a service reminder

  4. In the Send to section you will see a list of contacts related to this customer. The method of reminder will show, i.e letter, phone, or email. If the method of reminder you want is not in this list it is because it has not been ticked within contact details

  5. Go back to the customer and click Contacts

  6. Click Edit next to the contact you want to send the reminders to. You will see a page where you can edit the details of the contact. Make sure you have an email address saved, a telephone number, and a full address. There is a section called Communication preferences tick the boxes next to the method of communication you want to send via. 

  7. Then you can go back to Service reminders and add/edit a service reminder with the new communication preferences


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