Customer tab

This is where you can add customers, view customer statistics and service reminders.

Please note that not every user will be able to add new customers, view customer statistics or service reminders, this is determined by the user access assigned to the user. Click here to see how to edit your access to the system (owner/manager roles only)

On the left of this screen you will see a section with different customer types. A customer type can be a private customer, company, estate agent, or anyone that you will perform works for. Learn how to add a customer type here

On the right you can view your customers and work addresses by clicking on the relevant buttons. A customer is a private customer, landlord, business etc. A work address is a tenant or property where works are carried out.

You can also see how many service reminders you have due in the next 30 days and the number of phone calls that need to be made. A service reminder is a reminder sent to a customer for service works. Click here to see articles for service reminders

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