Cancel an event in the diary

The diary is where all user events, engineer estimates and jobs are organised and viewed. Anyone who views the diary will be able to see where an engineer is, when he/she should complete a task, and what tasks they have to do at what time. You can easily cancel an event if it is no longer needed.

Please note, this will only cancel the diary event, not the job attached to it.

Once you have cancelled the diary event you can no longer move or edit this event. The engineer will not be able to accept and travel to this event.

If an engineer has travelled to an event you cannot cancel it

Click here to find out the difference between cancelling an event and deleting it

Watch a quick video showing you how to cancel an event 

Or read how to cancel an event

  1. Click Diary on the navigation bar 

  2. Find the diary event you wish to cancel, Click (single left click) on the event

  3. This will open a page where you can see all details of this diary event, with details, reminders, job sheets etc

  4. Click Edit in the top right hand side. This will open up a page with buttons on the bottom. Click Cancel event to remove this event from the diary. The job/estimate will still exist, but it will not be booked into the diary.

  5. You will need to type a reason for cancelling this diary event. Type it in the text box and click Cancel event

  6. Then you will see a small pop-up at the top of the page. Click Yes if you want to cancel the diary event. Click No if you don't

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