Appliance page

This page will list the customer appliances you have set up and the technical references for this customer


You can filter the appliances by clicking on the filter drop down, or selecting more filters and selecting the filter you wish to use

You can edit the columns that appear in the appliance list by ticking them and dragging and dropping them with your mouse. This is useful if you would prefer not to see the appliance group and would rather see the warranty date for example.

You can click the 'eye' icon next to the appliance and this will open a side window where you can view all details about this appliance

You can print and download this list of appliances by using the buttons at the top of the appliances section

You can also add, edit, and delete appliances here by using the relevant buttons.

Technical references

Here you can see a list of the technical references you set up within system settings. Click here if you need to setup technical references

You can edit these and enter the relevant details according to this customer and their property

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