Add a customer/work address reminder

You can add a reminder to a customer/work address. This will send a notification to a member/s of staff on the desktop. They can then read the reminder and complete the task.

Watch a quick video showing you how to add a reminder

Or read how to add a reminder

  1. Search for the customer/work address you would like to add a reminder to

  2. Click on the customer/work address name to open their account. Navigate using the tabs across the top. Click Reminders

  3. You will see a page with reminders. Click Add new reminder on the top right of the reminder section

  4. Fill in the information and click Add reminder

    Please note you cannot set a reminder for the same day as reminders are processed and notifications are sent at 8am in the morning

  5. You will receive a notification at 8am the morning the reminder was set. It will appear in the top right of your screen

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