Customer/work address contacts page

This page allows you to view all of the contacts related to that customer. A contact is the person you communicate with. There can be several contacts for one customer. It is helpful to have more than one contact so that it is easier to communicate with them.

When you add a customer, their details will be the primary contact, meaning that all communication will be sent to their details. 

Please check that communication preferences are correct for the customer when you create them, or change the primary contact. Click here to learn how to edit communication preferences

The contacts appear in a list with relevant information such as: created by, name, position (applicable if a business), email, and contact number.

You can Add a contact on this page in the top right corner

You can Edit a contact on this page by clicking edit

You can Delete a contact by clicking delete and follow the instructions

Change the primary contact will allow you to view this contacts details on the customer/work address property page


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