Delete a customer/work address note

Watch a quick video showing you how to delete a note against a property, and scroll down for more information


Additional information

Can I reverse this action?
No, once the note has been deleted, you cannot recover the note.

What does appear on mobile mean?
Ticking yes to appear on mobile means that when an engineer views this customer/work address on the mobile application they will be able to see this note. This is useful if the note is explaining how to enter the property, or an access code for example.

What does the do not work with option do?
The do not work with feature will block the add estimate and add job buttons. Meaning you physically cannot add work to their account. You can reverse this action by deleting the note, or editing it and un-ticking the box. You may have had a bad experience with this customer, or they do not pay their invoices on time and therefore you do not want to work for them again.


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