Property page

This page shows you the customer details, ongoing work, and history

Customer details

At the top of the page there is a section called Customer details (this title will change depending on which customer type you are viewing)

You can view the customer details here (please note there are 2 pages of customer details, you can navigate through them using the small circles in the bottom right of this section)

You can edit these details using the button in the top right. Click here to see a tutorial

Ongoing work

The next section is ongoing work. This shows all estimates and jobs which are ongoing for this property.

You can view these ongoing works by clicking View next to the work you want to view. Please note you may have more than one page of ongoing work

You can also add new works by using the relevant buttons at the top right of this section. To view a tutorial on how to add an estimate click here. To view a tutorial on how to add a job click here


The next section is history. This shows all of the history for this customer, this includes estimates, invoices, free of charge jobs and aborted jobs. You can view these records by clicking View next to the record. Please note you may have more than one page of history

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