Add an appliance to a property

You can add an appliance to a customer/work address. This will help all of your staff see these customers/work address' appliances with all the necessary information. This will also be used to pre-populate field in certificates.

  1. First, locate the property you'd like to allocate it to

  2. Once you've got the customer's property page up, go to the 'Appliances' tab. From here, you will be presented with a list of any appliances that are already associated with the property

  3. Click the 'Add new appliance' button and, on the next page, enter all the pertinent information describing the appliance itself - the mandatory, required fields are marked with an asterisk.

  4. Make sure to click 'Add appliance' once you're done.


Before you add an appliance you need to create groups, fuel types, makes, models, and locations. Read here on how you can set these up.