Adding a work address

Purpose: Record your customer’s owned or managed properties for adding jobs/estimates/opportunities and an accurate property history.

Please note:

  • Landlord details cannot be edited unless enabled as an invoice address.
  • Surname will default to ‘Occupier’ if not entered.
  • Accurate address line 1 and postcode required for use with scheduling engine (Customer journey+).
  • Name of Work address tab may be different if this has been changed for a customer type.
  • A communication can be sent manually if the communication preference is not ticked.
  • SMS communication preference will not show if SMS module is not active.
  • Details can be edited at any time if the information hasn't been provided yet.
  • SMS module is an optional paid feature.
  • Postcode lookups is an optional paid feature.

Add a work address

1. Navigate to customer

  • 'Work address' tab > Add new Work address
  • Quick links > Add new work address

2. Add new Work address > Landlord

  • Existing landlord - Click drop-down field  > Begin typing name > Select from search results
  • New landlord - Add new landlord > Enter landlord details > Save

3. Address > Enter contact and property details - Address line 1 required

4. Communication preferences > Tick/untick preferences as required > Add work address.

5. Work address details are displayed under customer details in property dashboard side panel.

Add work address - side panel location US.png

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