Delete a user

Watch a quick video showing you how to delete a user, and scroll down for more information


Additional information

Important notes:

  • You can't recover a user after they have been deleted.
  • If there is only one Owner/manager user and you deleted this user i.e yourself, you cannot add/configure/edit/delete users or use role based security. This is because Owner/Manager has the highest level access to the system.
  • If you delete an engineer their user is removed from diary, however their diary events such as jobs, estimates, to-dos, history will still remain with that user.
  • The user time sheet report will still be available for this user even when they are deleted
  • If the user uses the mobile app it will no longer sync with the system. Their mobile app will be unusable.
  • The user wont be able to login, they can be viewed on 'deleted users', however you can't edit details or recover this user.
  • Once a user has been deleted you will not be charged for this user


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