Work address job confirmation template

Purpose: This setting allows you to send information to a work address that a job has been booked. This is a good tool in the repertoire of tools being able to communicate the progress of the job. This helps in the reduction of administrative time and helps with your relationships with both your customer and engineer by ensuring work is done correctly.

Please note:

  • SMS texts only allow for 160 characters. Going over 160 characters will incur an additional usage of credits.
  1. Go to profile button > settings > use search functionality or navigate via the left-handed 'Categories' area > Work address job access template.

  2. You can enter information in both the subject line and the paragraph body area. You may use tagging throughout. Once you are finished, hit ‘Save.

  3. You may enter the same if not multiple entries of information in the other modules for SMS and letter. Be aware that letters will be attached to any emails sent.


Advanced Options 

  1. You can tap the ‘Add new confirmation template’ button to create a new template that can be set to a specific customer and job description.

  2. You can use the same instructions as above to create the specific template, using tagging throughout. Hit ‘Save’ when you’re finished.