Edit work address job confirmation messages

Watch a quick video showing you how to add work address job confirmation messages, and scroll down for more information


Additional information

What is this used for?
You can send emails, sms, or letters to work addresses to inform them that a job has been booked.

What are tags used for?
Tags will pre-fill the information such as the name, job description, date of the event etc

What happens if I leave the additional option template customer and job description boxes blank?

  • If you select a customer and a job description: It will be available to use against work addresses owned by that customer, using that job description,
  • If you input a customer but leave the job description blank, it will be available for work addresses owned by that customer, and all job descriptions,
  • If you leave the customer box blank, but select a job description, it will show for all work addresses, but only for that job description,
  • If you leave both the customer and job description boxes blank, it will be available for all work addresses owned by any customer, and all job descriptions.

Why would I use different templates?
You can use different templates for many reasons. You may need to ask information before going to site which can be specific to certain jobs. A customer who's given you the job may have set information they need you to input into the email/letter etc

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