Customer page tabs


The Customer Page

Once you’ve defined the type of customer, you will be taken to their details page. These will look slightly different depending on the type of customer you’ve chosen, but the purpose of each page is the same, and each includes a number of tabs: 


  • Notes & communications

From here, you can put information regarding the customer as well as record the communication that takes place between you. This will not be visible to the customer and is used internally.

This is where the contact information for your customer will be stored. You can edit any details you need to and also add additional contact by using the ‘Add new contact’ button.

You can add additional branches on this tab. This can be useful if you have created a new company that has offices in multiple locations. It’s important to ensure all the information you add is up to date and accurate, though it can be amended or deleted after the fact.

  • Work Address

These are the addresses at which works related to this company would be taking place. You will have a list of both ‘Active’ and ‘Dormant’ work addresses. A ‘Dormant’ work address is one where works will no longer be taking place, this may be because an estate agent no longer manages the property for example. You can edit a work address to make it ‘Dormant’ or ‘Active’ (and switch between the two) if you need to. You can also add new estimates and jobs from the ‘Work addresses’ page.

  • Appliances (separate article/connected article on appliances)

(See how to set your appliances up here) This is where all the appliances associated with the property will be listed. You can filter the search for these appliances by appliance group, fuel type, or location. The appliances are listed by their ‘Technical reference’, and you can edit them at any time.

  • Reminders & Notifications

This is a very useful feature that you can use to set up service reminders (see more about those here) as well as any other reminders related to the user. This is also where you can switch on or off the ‘After-sales care’ if applicable.

  • Attached files

You can upload any important files or documents into this section using the ‘Add new file’ button. You can also scroll through them using the up & down arrows on your keyboard. These can be anything associated with the property that another user may need to have access to or simply be made aware of.