Customer estimate confirmation template

Purpose: When an estimate is confirmed for booking an estimate, customers can be sent a notification via email, SMS, or letter. This page will allow you to add templates, tagging, and set up those ways of delivery. Having consistent communication with notifications via email, SMS, or letter, is a great tool to communicate the way the job is going and aims to reduce admin work by having these items automated.

Tagging is available for use as well, and we highly recommend using tagging throughout the modules to create communications that will help your customers and you in reduction of overhead and wasted time spent communicating back and forth. To understand how tags work, and which tags do which, please refer to this article:


  1. Go to the profile button > settings > use search functionality or navigate via the left-handed 'Categories' area > Customer estimate confirmation template.

  2.  Set up your three options of notification, we would recommend all 3 be set up to maximize the possibility your customer sees they have an estimate booked. Tagging may be used here to better create templates.