Reorder stock locations

You can reorder the list of stock locations that appear in the drop down list. This is particularly useful if you tend to work with the same stock locations over and over again and you want those stock locations at the top of the list.

Watch a quick video showing you how to reorder stock locations

Or read how to reorder the stock location

  1. Click on the settings icon in the top right corner and click System settings

  2. In the list of stock control click Stock locations

  3. You will see a form on the left hand side and a list of existing stock locations on the right side

  4. Simply click, drag, and drop the stock locations to reorder them.  If you want to move a stock location from page 2 to the top of the list, then change the number of stock locations showing per page to 10 or more (depending on how many stock locations you have)
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