Merge types of advertising

Advertising types are useful to find out how the customer found your company, whether that was via the internet, social media, or recommendation. You can add/edit/delete these at any time. You can also merge these types if you wish to group types together i.e Facebook and Twitter to create a social media type, or if someone has made a mistake and you would like to merge Gogle with Google.

Watch a quick video showing you how to merge types of advertising

Or read how to merge types of advertising

  1. Click on the settings icon in the top right corner and click System settings

  2. In the list of general settings click Advertising 'how did you hear from us?'

  3. You will see a form on the left hand side and a list of existing types of advertising on the right hand side. You can merge your advertising type by clicking Edit next to a type you wish to merge

  4. You will be given an option of whether you want to merge this advertising type. Tick Yes, then choose which advertising type you would like to merge with using the drop down box, then click Merge (the button will appear when you have chosen an advertising type to merge with)

  5. Commusoft will notify you that you have chosen to merge two advertising types together. Read the information and click Merge to confirm your choice

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