Supplier quotation email template

When editing a proposal from the View Opportunities screen, with this template, you can send emails to non-integrated suppliers to request new pricing. Parts or materials mentioned in the proposal will be sent to the supplier in a spreadsheet. Additionally, we can set up a portal link to allow the suppliers to update parts or materials pricing in the portal.


Supplier quotation email template

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Proposals > Supplier quotation email template > View.

  • Set up the email template for suppliers to share the latest material prices.
  • Use the tag [supplier_price_portal_url] to send suppliers a link for entering prices in the portal.
  • Suppliers mentioned in the proposal with an email in our system will get an email with the list of materials.

Supplier email 1.2.png

  • Suppliers can fill in the spreadsheet or use the portal link to share the updated pricing.

Supplier email 1.3.png

  • If a supplier responds with updated pricing in the spreadsheet, then the office person needs to manually edit the proposal with the new pricing.
  • In the portal link, suppliers can edit the Unit price field to update the pricing. These changes will be reflected in the proposal.

Supplier email 1.4.png