Purpose: Subcategories provide a more nuanced level of classification, simplifying price setting and optimizing the organization and management of parts.


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➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Parts and stock > Subcategories > View

  • The gray bubble denotes the category to which existing parts are associated.

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Sub-categories must be associated with a category


Add a Subcategory

➡️ Select Category > Complete Subcategory field > Upload an image > Add Subcategory

By incorporating subcategories within each main category for parts in your system, you can enhance organization, streamline inventory management, and improve service efficiency by providing detailed tracking and easy access to specific parts and components associated with different brands and property areas. Below are some examples:

Categorizing Parts by Brand:

Purpose: Organizing parts by brand within subcategories enables finer granularity in tracking inventory, maintenance, and vendor relationships. for example:

  • Grant: Category
    • Boilers: Subcategory containing parts specific to Grant boilers, such as heat exchangers, burner assemblies, and control panels.
    • Pumps: Subcategory including pump components manufactured by Grant, such as motor assemblies, impellers, and seals.
    • Accessories: Subcategory for miscellaneous parts and accessories associated with Grant products, such as expansion vessels, valves, and pressure gauges.
  • Worcester Bosch: Category
    • Boilers: Subcategory housing parts for Worcester Bosch boilers, eg heat exchangers, gas valves, and ignition modules.
    • Heat Exchangers: Subcategory containing specific heat exchanger components for Worcester Bosch systems, such as plates, gaskets, and seals.
    • Thermostats: Subcategory comprising thermostat units and related parts designed for Worcester Bosch heating systems.
  • Panasonic: Category
    • Air Conditioning Units: Subcategory containing parts for Panasonic air conditioning systems, such as compressors, condenser coils, and fan motors.
    • Ventilation Fans: Subcategory including components for Panasonic ventilation fans, including fan blades, motors, and control switches.
      Heat Pumps: Subcategory housing parts specific to Panasonic heat pump systems, such as refrigerant valves, evaporator coils, and defrost sensors.

Categorizing Parts by Room (e.g., Kitchen, Bathroom):

Purpose: Utilizing subcategories within room categories enables efficient organization and management of parts associated with different areas or systems within a property. For example:

  • Kitchen: Category
    • Appliances: Subcategory containing parts for kitchen appliances, such as refrigerator shelves, oven racks, and dishwasher spray arms.
    • Fixtures: Subcategory housing parts for kitchen fixtures, including sink faucets, cabinet hinges, and drawer slides.
    • Electrical: Subcategory comprising electrical components specific to the kitchen area, such as lighting fixtures, outlets, and switches.
  • Bathroom: Category
    • Plumbing Fixtures: Subcategory containing parts for bathroom plumbing fixtures, including toilet fill valves, showerheads, and faucet cartridges.
    • Hardware: Subcategory housing hardware components for bathroom accessories, such as towel bars, robe hooks, and soap dishes.
    • Electrical: Subcategory comprising electrical parts for the bathroom, including exhaust fan motors, vanity light fixtures, and GFCI outlets.

Edit a Subcategory

➡️ Edit > Amend Subcategory and/or update photo > Save Subcategory.


Delete a Subcategory

➡️ Delete > Type "delete" > Delete.


"Delete" is permanent and cannot be undone.


The deletion of a Subcategory is not possible if the Category it belongs to is associated with a Part.