Grant invoicing

Purpose: The grant invoices are created to mark the completion of a job linked to a grant and to deduct the grant amount from the total. They're automatically generated when the job is created or completed, as per the settings. Grant invoicing ensures all billing steps are done before the final invoice is generated for the job.

Invoices linked to jobs that incorporate grants will be classified as Grants Invoice.

Invoice creation settings

This feature is accessible when setting up a grant template. It applies when creating an opportunity and sharing the proposal. If the proposal includes a grant template, the invoice settings configured within it will be utilized.

Invoice creation is possible in two scenarios.

  • On job creation
  • On job completion

On job creation

  • Once the customer accepted the proposal, a job will be created instantly.
  • In Grant template, if you choose the On job creation in 'When should the grant invoice be created', Invoice will automatically generated once the job is scheduled.
  • 'View Job' to view the job details and navigate to 'Invoices' tab to view the grant invoice.

Grant invoicing 1.1.png

  • If two grants are added to the proposal and the setting is configured to create the invoice upon job creation, you'll notice the 'Grant invoice generated' status appearing twice on the 'View Opportunities' page.
  • In Invoices tab, you can view that grant invoice created.

Grant invoicing 1.3.png

Grant invoice is similar to interim invoice

  • Even before completing the job, you can still raise final invoice for the opportunity since the invoice creation settings is on job creation. In final invoice, the grant amount will be deducted from the total.

Grant invoicing 1.4.png


On job completion

  • With this setting, the grant invoice will be generated after the job is completed.
  • Once the customer accepts the proposal, the job will be created immediately.
  • When the engineer marks the job as completed, the grant invoice will be generated. Once the grant invoice is generated, you can create the final invoice.

Grant invoicing 1.4.png

  • System will not allow you to create final invoice before completing the job.