Grant templates

Purpose: Grant templates serve as a comprehensive resource offering a curated selection of available grants to empower customers in navigating the complex landscape of funding opportunities. By providing structured templates, this tool streamlines the process of associating grants with proposals, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in grant management.


Add new grant template

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Finance > Grant template > Add new grant template > Complete Form > Save

This feature is available on the Growth plan.

More than one Grant template can be incorporated into a proposal.


Screenshot 2024-03-22 174130.png

  • Grant name: Relevant name for this template.
  • Is this grant a fixed amount: Select 'Yes' or 'No' to indicate if the grant template has a fixed amount. If 'Yes', the 'Grant amount' cannot be modified in the proposal. If set to 'No', the amount can be adjusted.
  • How is the deposit calculated: Choose whether to calculate the deposit before the grant is applied or after grant.
  • When should the grant invoice be created: Select when the invoice need to be created either On job creation or On job completion.
    • If 'On job creation' is selected, the invoice will be generated once the job is scheduled.
    • If 'On job completion' is chosen, the Grant invoice will be created after the Job is completed.
      • If you attempt to generate the Final invoice before Job completion, an warning message will appear: Complete the job first to generate the Grant invoice.
  • Grant amount: Applicable grant amount.
  • Invoice address: Search the invoice address required.
  • Invoice description: Description on the invoice
  • Invoice note: Any notes required to be seen on the invoice.
  • Nominal code: Select from drop-down.
  • Business unit: Select from drop-down.
  • User group: Select from drop-down.
  • Tax rate: Select from drop-down.
  • Inclusive of tax: Choose 'Yes' or 'No' for whether the tax should be included.
  • Payment terms after job completion: This field determines the timeline for payment after the completion of a job.

Edit grant template

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Finance > Grant template > Edit > Update the changes > Save

Delete grant template

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Finance > Grant template > Delete > Type 'Delete' > Save


Now that you've configured your grant templates, you can assign them to your Option template.