Email templates

Purpose: Creating an email template in advance streamlines your communication process, allowing for email customization across the system and saving valuable time by eliminating the need to type emails from scratch every time. Utilising pre-configured templates also ensures consistency in branding and formatting across all your emails.

View templates

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Communications > Email templates > View

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Add new template

Email templates allow for customization and optimization of email communications. You can configure various templates by mentioning subject, message content, and formatting options to tailor emails to specific needs. 

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Communications > Email templates > View > Add new email template > Complete side panel > Save


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  • Folder: The folder in which email template needs to be saved
  • Name: Email template name.
  • Subject: Short description about the email's intent.
  • Message: Compose the body of the email, using tagging as required
  • Formatting bar: Utilise formatting options to customize the content
  • Cancel/Save

Edit a template

➡️ Locate the template > Edit > Update side panel > Save

Delete a template

➡️ Locate the template > Delete > Type "Delete" > Delete


Archive a template

➡️ Locate the template > Archive > Type "Archive " > Archive

Email templates cannot be deleted once assigned to any communications, they must be archived instead.


Add new folder

You have the flexibility to create as many folders as you require, and within each folder, you can further organise your email templates by creating up to 5 subfolders. Click "Add new folder" on the left side panel to create a folder or subfolder.

Edit folder

➡️ Locate the folder > Change the folder name > Save

Delete folder

➡️ Locate the folder > Delete > Type Delete > Delete

If there are any active or archived templates within the folder, they cannot be deleted.


Organizing folders and templates

Drag and drop your email templates and folders to keep everything organized. To move multiple templates or folders at one time, check the box next to the template name before dragging.

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