Reporting: Contracts

Purpose: Reports in contracts generally means, by viewing the created contracts and you can download or print the contracts reports which you have filtered based on specific criteria. It also serve various purposes, including tracking contract count, analyzing data, and monitoring compliance. They provide insights into contract information including the status, customer type, contract dates, etc.

Reporting: Contracts

➡️ Reporting tab > Burger.png > Customers > Contracts > All assigned contracts will display

  1. Filter the contracts based on the chosen criteria.
  2. Quick Links > General > Save: Creating custom reports
  3. Print the Contracts report.
  4. Download the Contracts report in excel.
  5. Edit columns - A right panel will appear, allowing you to select the columns you wish to display. You can rearrange the column order by dragging and dropping them to the desired position.
  6. + > View contract

Contract - Reporting 1.1.png


What's new in reporting

Only couple of changes in Contract reporting.

  • Under Contract reporting, we've added a new filter option for Contract type. You can now use this filter to generate reports based on contract types.
  • Additionally, we have included a few new status options in the 'Contract status' filter.
    • Active pending start date
    • Customer renewal required
    • Renewed pending start date
    • Pending renewal failed