Email Templates

Purpose: Email templates streamline communication by offering pre-built messages for various scenarios, saving time and ensuring consistency. They allow users to personalise messages, maintaining brand coherence. This versatile tool enhances efficiency, accuracy, and engagement in customer communications.

View Settings

  • Profile Icon > Settings > Communications > Email Templates > View

Email templates 1-1.png

  1. Search - Find the template you need using the name or description
  2. Add new email template - Create a brand new template ready to configure
  3. Reorder - Change the template display order by clicking and dragging this icon
  4. Email template name - Name provided when template is created
  5. Subject - The subject line of the email template
  6. Actions:
    • Edit: Edit the template
    • Delete: Permanently delete or archive the selected template
Exclamation icon.png If an email template is deleted, it cannot be recovered

Creating an email template

  • Profile Icon > Communications > Email Templates > Add new template

Email template - compose.png

  1. Name - The name of the template so you can easily understand the purpose of the template
  2. Subject - The subject line that will be sent with the email
  3. Message - The content of the email being sent
  4. Tags - Within the email section you can use tagging to allow for automation
  5. Format Bar: Please see the table below
bold icon.PNG Bold
italic icon.PNG Italic
underline icon.PNG Underline
font colour icon.PNG Font Colour
font highlight colour.PNG Font Highlight 
numbering.PNG Numbering
bullet points.PNG Bullet Points
left indent.PNG Left Indent
right indent.PNG Right Indent
hyperlink.PNG Add Hyperlink


font.PNG Font
font size.PNG Font Size


Lightbulb.png Your customer will not be able to see the name of your templates
Lightbulb.png To understand tagging a bit further, please see our guide on Tagging and Explanations

Rearranging your email templates

To optimize your workflow, hide unused email templates after selecting up to 5 out of 7. This keeps your workspace efficient.

Here I am moving the 'debt chasing' templates to the bottom as I won't be using these and then moving the 'estimate chase' email templates to the top as these will be used regularly.