Configurator - Input types

The Configurator is a powerful tool offering a high level of customisation to a number of features. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, effortlessly create tailored forms and fields, adapting Commusoft to meet specific business needs.

Gain a deeper understanding of input types for detailed and efficient configurations, providing a greater level of flexibility and precision.

Adding input types/sections

You can drag and drop the section or desired input type from the list on the left side of the screen onto the right side of the page. A side panel will open displaying the fields to complete for the chosen input type/section.

Adding inputs.gif


Sections allow you to create a group of fields, nesting them under a sub-header on the display page.

This example shows a custom field section, named Parking details, with the fields displayed within the section block.

Section example.png

Input types

An input type is what determines the field characteristics, eg. dropdown or free-type text box, when the forms and fields are active.

Test your chosen input types before daily use to ensure satisfaction with the setup and user data input experience.

- This is a single-line text input field that can be filled with any numbers or characters you need.

Dynamic input - Similar to the 'Input' type, Dynamic input fields will also be able to use pre-filled options if common responses are typical.

Numbers - Whole numbers (no decimal points) greater than '0' can be used to fill these fields.

Text area - Similar to 'Input', you can enter multiple lines of text (and numbers) rather than just a single line.

Date - Allows a date entry only

Time - Allows a time entry only

Toggle - Primarily used on mobile devices for predefined "yes or no" responses, allowing users to switch between options with a simple tap.

Checkbox - A predefined list of responses allowing multiple selections.

Single checkbox - Primarily used for single confirmation (eg. 'click here to confirm'), in contrast to the multi-choice functionality offered by the standard checkbox option.

Radio - Similar to a dropdown selection, with all possible responses displayed allowing a single selection.

Dropdown - This option allows you to create multiple options available for selection displayed in the typical dropdown fashion.

Input with selection choices - A combination of a free-text box and preset options displayed as a list, allowing users to either type their choice or select from the options provided.

Plain text - An non-editable field that can be used to display additional notes or comments for the user.

Decimal - A number field that also allows decimals, it is not restricted to whole numbers only.

Signature - Add a signature box.

Photo  - Add photos, setting the maximum number of photos allowed at one time.

Non-editable input -  A single-line text field with predefined content that cannot be edited.

Preset input types - Quickly set up a toggle input with responses preset to:

  • Yes/No
  • Yes/No/N/A

Input type options

Input types have a variety of options available once they have been created, to further customise the forms and fields.

Required - Determines the mandatory status of a question, visible in the field details side panel.

Required check.png

Defaults - Set a default response for the field, used for common answers where applicable

Dependencies - Used to create flows within the questions on your forms, eg. only show the field when the previous question is answered ‘Yes’.

Measurements - Used on Number or Decimal Inputs to add a measurement, ie. kWh, miles, cm, CO2, etc.

Options - Used on any input type with a selection of responses to choose from.

Validations - Set the allowed characters for the field, eg. a postcode must only include letters and numbers, excluding any special characters.