Purpose: A pipeline is a visual or conceptual representation of the progression that an opportunity or lead undergoes on its journey to a successful sale. Depending on the nature of the work or product, a pipeline typically includes multiple stages, with each stage marking a significant step in the process.

Please note:

  • If you opt for a sales starter plan, you won't have the Pipeline setting. You will have one default Pipeline.
  • You can have many pipelines with multiple stages. 
  • You cannot delete the pipeline if it is associated with at least one opportunity, but you can archive it.


  • Profile icon > Settings > Opportunities > Pipelines > View. 

Add new pipeline

  • Add new pipeline > Enter the ‘Pipeline name’ > Save 

Set up stages

  • Set up stages > Enter the Stages based on the type of work > Allocate a color > Set Rotting(days) 

Please note:

  • Add at least two Stages to each Pipeline
  • Rotting days highlight Opportunities that have been idle for the set number of days.

After acceptance tracking

If you want to see the job's status on the opportunity dashboard.

Choose one or both the options below > Save > X to close

  • Display jobs where the deposit hasn't been paid
  • Displays jobs which haven't been scheduled

Activating a Pipeline

Once the Pipeline is setup you must activate it so it is visible to an Opportunity.

Edit  > Check Active? > Save