Communications tab

Purpose: Keeping a log of communications with customers is a best practice for any business that values transparency, accountability, and customer satisfaction. It's an investment in maintaining healthy customer relationships and ensuring the smooth operation of the company.

Providing a holistic view of all communication records across each job/estimate/opportunity, quickly access the record you need in the communication timeline with search and filters.

Please note:

  • Important notes on work address are displayed on main customer dashboard
  • Notes and Scheduled activities only can be edited

View communications tab

Navigate to property dashboard > Communications

  • Filter timeline
    • Search
    • Date range
    • Type of record
    • Created by user
    • Filter by object
  • Print - Print currently displayed timeline
  • Download to Excel - Download a spreadsheet of the currently displayed timeline

Sending an email

  • Add record > Send new email
    • To - Select from existing contacts / Type email address > Hit ‘Return’ key
    • Add cc - Select from existing contacts / Type email address > Hit ‘Return’ key

Please note:

  • Email templates cannot be used when sending manual emails

Email compse box.png


  • Change sender email If using SMTP and multiple emails are set up, you can change the sender email address for more personalised or department specific contact requirements. This email address will always default to the email address at the top of the list in ‘Connect emails’.
  • Minimise compose box If you need to navigate away from the Communications tab while writing your email, you can minimise the compose box. IT will stay in the bottom right corner of the screen and you can maximise it again when ready.
  • Close compose box Close will behave the same way as the discard button and ask if you would like to discard your email.
  • Attach customer files You can attach any file to the email that has been attached to ‘Files’ on the customer. Files attached to jobs/estimates/opportunities are not displayed here to attach.
  • Schedule activity after sending email After sending the email, the schedule activity box will open where you can create a new activity for a user to follow up your email at a later date.
  • Expand compose box Make the email box bigger so you can see more text of a long email or reduce the size to see more information behind the email box.
  • Recipient not saved as a contact Email a recipient not saved in the customer contacts by typing out the email address, then hit the return key on your keyboard. The email address has been added when it has a border and a small x.

Sending an SMS

  • Add record > Send new SMS > Select recipient from drop down
    • Type message body > Send
    • Use template > Locate desired template in list > Select > Send
      • Check ‘Schedule new activity’ box if applicable before sending

Please note:

  • Phone number must be saved on a contact
  • Template can be amended after it is selected, if required

Logging a call

  • Add record > Log new call > Select number from drop-down > Select type of call > Type call details > Save
    • Check ‘Schedule new activity’ box if applicable before sending

Scheduled activities

  • Add record > Schedule activity > Complete popup > Schedule

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Adding a note

  • Add record > Add new note > Type title > Type description
    • Share on mobile - Allow mobile app users to view this note when accessing the customer
    • Important - Pin the note to the top of property dashboard
    • Do not work with again - Only available when note is important, disable add new job/estimate/opportunity buttons.

Please note:

  • All important notes are pinned to top of dashboard
  • Click a pinned important note to view it in the timeline
  • Notes can be edited at any time
  • Remove important tag to unpin a note

Favourite communication types

If one type of communication is sent on a regular basis, you can favourite them to create a quick access button in the filter bar.

Click ‘Add new record’ and you will see a star next to the communication type, select this to highlight the star and add the button.

Fav comm types.gif

Please note:

  • If you can’t see the stars you may need to decrease browser zoom