Editing a customer

Purpose: Accurate customer details are essential for completing tasks correctly, ensuring users are directed to the right property each day, and maintaining accurate historical records.

If a mistake has been made or a customer provides additional personal contact information, edit the customer's details to ensure they are as accurate as possible.

Please note:

  • Edits to customer details will change all historical records
  • Changing main customer status to Dormant will set all associated work addresses to dormant

View edit screen

Edit customer US ss.png

Navigate to customer dashboard > Edit  > Amend below listed sections > Save

  • Edit
    • Amend customer details - Surname required
    • Amend property address - Address line 1 required
    • Status - Active/Dormant

  • Other details
    • Building type - Select from drop-down
    • Advertising - Begin typing entry > Select from result
    • Price book - Begin typing entry > Select from result
    • Creditor days - Select from drop-down
    • Vacant property - Select from drop-down
    • After sales communication - Tick to enable/Untick to disable
    • Third party reference - Amend reference to link customer in accounting package only when necessary

  • Communication preferences - Tick/untick as per customer request

Advanced options

Edit - advanced.png

Change customer type
Change customer type > Select new customer type in ‘Change to’ dropdown > Enter any required information > Save

Merge customer
📘 Merge customers

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